Feel  closer  to  Japanese  tradition

1. What is Narayui ?

   Narayui  is brand name made in Nara, japan. Nara has a long history and had built the cultural foundation and tradition. We have named it Narayui,

    since we want to hand such time-honored tradition to the future, and also wan to make a connection between Nara and people in the World.

  (Yui in Japanese means “to connect '')


2. our concept & mission

    Tradition which has been taken over from ancient times is still alive in Japanese dyed and woven fabric industry. However, we have little opportunity to

  use such traditional textiles in our daily life. Under such circumstances, we are providing our fashion products fitting into our modern lifestyle,

  with  a mission for providing users with opportuniteis to feel closer to tradition.



*Using japanese traditional fabrics which patterns has been

inherited from more than 1,000 yearas before.

*We offer small quantities

Unlike mass production, each product is hand -made

by craftsmen one by one.