Japanese traditional pattern



This pattern is called 'Uroko', it means scale (looks like scale)

Named it from its shape.

Clothes printed with this pattern has been used for Kabuki which is one of Japanese traditional entertainment.





Pattern  which Circles leading  infinitely to all directions is called ' Shippo Tunagi'',

It means infinity and lucky omen.

Further, this pattern had been transferred to Nara japan about 8 century in Nara era.





This Pattern is one of the auspicious omen pattern of calm ocean hoping peaceful.

It has been used in the costume for GAGAKU ( ancient Japanese court dance and music called the oldest music

in Asia), therefore this pattern originated from Gagaku dance music named 'SEIGAIHA'

asa (LINEN)

 This Pattern is called 'ASA' it means linen.

 Named it from its leaf shape.

It is one of auspicious omen pattern hoping growth/development because linen is

strong plant and grow fast





 This Pattern is called 'kikko', it means tortoiseshell.

Named it from its shape.

It has been getting familiar with people as longevity omen pattern, because

generally turtles llive longer life.

In the truth, it was the meanning of symbol of authority in west Asia before

coming to Japan around 6 century.